Best Pest Control Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Pests can be an embarrassing thing to contend against. Think, for instance, that uninvited line of ants at your picnic, or the horde of mosquitoes at your family barbecue party. But that’s no reason to panic. There are time-proven methods of deterring and eradicating these little bastards. We’ve compiled some of them here:

#Clean Your Kitchen

Insects (particularly ants) love food leftovers, like that pile of crumbs on your floor or counter. Keep this pest attraction away from your home by ensuring your kitchen is clean all the time. Put food away immediately, sweep your floors, wipe your counters, and take out your trash on a regular basis.


#Prevent Them From Entering Your Home

The best way to protect your home from pests is making it difficult for them to enter the house. Look out for any holes in your screens, and repair where necessary. Check for gaps around your doors and windows,and replace any worn out window stripping.

#Maintain Your Yard

Keep an eye on your landscaping to avoid overgrowth, which is conducive for pests and their nests. Rake up debris, trim your trees and bushes, and most importantly, weed out your garden.


#Eliminate Stagnant Water

The first step to getting rid of mosquitos is clearing off any standing water. Mosquitoes generally breed in stagnant water, which can be fairly easy to miss. As such, be sure to check around your property on a regular basis. Collect all the toys that are scattered across your yard, inspect your air conditioning unit for any leaks, and check the rain spouts.


#Consume Your Fruits and Vegetables

Avoid keeping overly ripe fruits and veggies on your counter. These will invite fruit flies in the long run,which can be hard to chuck out.

#Hold Onto Your Meat Trash

Do not throw your meat scraps into your outside garbage, unless it will be collected in the next two days or so. The rotting meat, in addition to the summer sun, can be a source of attraction to unwanted pests in your yard.


#Keep Your Firewood Properly

Firewood can be a great source of termites to your home. Be sure to store your firewood away from your shed/house, at least five feet away but the farther, the better. Remember to pile the wood in racks above the ground.


#Keep the Outside Stuff Out

Let the inside toys stay inside and the outside toys outside. If you need to bring a table, chairs, or toy into the house, wipe it down thoroughly first.


#Inspect Outdoor Furniture and Swings

Make a habit of checking your outdoor furniture and swing sets for egg sacks and spider webs on a regular basis, especially the corners and on the chains. Remove them where necessary.


#Employ a Pest Control Service

Have a local pest control service come to your home and investigate for rodents and bugs especially popular in your area. A professional pest control organization can take inventory of your concerns and come up with a customized plan to drive pests away.

In general, you can help keep pests at bay by minimizing clutter that is susceptible to pests, storing your food in concealed containers, and maintaining a clean space.